Andrea Perissinotto

riempimenti sentimentali


circulos de colores y pintura


The original starting point


Creating videos is another field of art in which Andrea Perissinotto has been interested. What is more, his first artistic projects where precisely visual documents of this type, entirely carried out by him. There, the author gathers a variety of concepts, always related to art. Later, Andrea rearranged his artistic labour, and these first visual documents turned into other creative experiences such as collages, photography, paintings or installations.

The first video creation, entitled Game Over, consists of different videos where a variety of colours are given primacy: orange, white, yellow, blue, red, grey, black, green and violet. Apart from focusing the poetic composition on one colour, the author goes deeper into another series of narrative elements, from which we can highlight the artistic sensitivity of the stories he tells. On the other hand, Anima project is a hymn to praise the feminine figure and her freedom, where the author emphasizes the necessity of transmitting this positive revolution to the new generations. Analyzing in a deeper manner each visual document, Game Over starts from two different concepts: the colours in the Rubik cube and the sentence “Game Over” which normally appears at the end of a videogame. Perissinotto starts from the conception of colours as generators of feelings. Setting out a comparison with the famous cube, human existence is characterized by the presence of different (CONTINUE >>)

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